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     Jennifer Devlin Waller began her career as a makeup-dazzled teenager, thrilled to serve part-time behind the cosmetics counter at Burdine’s department store in her home town of Miami. It took years for that happy magical pixie dust to turn to cynicism.

     As she rose through the ranks – eventually becoming beauty director at Nordstrom – Devlin happily guzzled every drop of Kool-Aid wisdom that the beauty industry put out. That more makeup is more beautiful. That movie stars really use the stuff they endorse. That the bigger the company and the slicker the packaging, the better the ingredients must be.

     Meanwhile, her own complexion was driving her crazy. After every potion and powder in her arsenal failed to mask – much less cure – her rosacea, Waller in desperation went to a holistic esthetician... who told her to chuck all her cosmetics and go on a far more natural skin care diet. Within a month she stopped looking like an Angry Bird.

      If this were a movie, now would come the scene where the violins soar tremulously and a glowing light appears in the sky. Waller switched gears. She quit her job, got an esthetician’s license and was soon developing her own natural product line on her kitchen stove. Celtic Complexion has since grown into a six-figure-a-year boutique business, based in the Research Triangle area of Raleigh, NC

      Every single thing she sells works on her own face. Sensitive skin gets TLC from raw materials that are certified organic, cruelty free, non-GMO and never sourced from China. Makeup is designed to be simple enough to apply at a stop light. And no, there are absolutely no celebrity endorsers on the payroll. Life comes full cycle, or maybe 180 degrees.


If you think Celtic Complexion would be of interest to your readers (and why wouldn't it?), I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about a product review or collaboration.

Because we get so many requests, we do ask that you send us an email to with the following information:

Your name, URL of your website, blog and links to your social media platforms & stats, How did you hear about us? What makes you think we would be a good fit for your blog?

If we feel it's a good fit, and mutually beneficial, we will definitely be in touch. Please allow up to two weeks for us to review your information.

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