Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum 1 oz

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The crown jewel of the Celtic Complexion skin care collection. Contains rare and precious essential oils, along with a combination of three rich essential fatty acids to virtually erase the signs of aging.

There are over 400 known essential oils in use today. Of those, there is a very small handful which are considered the crown jewels for complete skin rejuvenation. They are the rarest on earth, and also the most costly. Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum uses a proprietary blend of these precious oils, which will transform your skin at the cellular level.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Paraben-free
Apply 5-7 drops to a face, neck and décolletage. 3-4 nights per week. Follow with Celtic Complexion Crème.

Fractionated coconut oil, carrot seed oil, Indian rose oil, Indian sandalwood oil, frankincense oil, borage seed oil, evening primrose oil, Bulgarian rose oil.

This product contains essential oils, which have been deemed safe for use. However, any person can have a reaction to the essential oils. Please read the ingredients to determine if this product is safe for you.


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Reviewed by kristenfusaro
kristenfusaro bought "Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum 1 oz" on our website
11/19/2017 - 06:34:15 PM
I am absolutely in LOVE with this serum. First of all, the smell is simply divine. The perfect blend of essential oils creates an exotic, calming, and feminine aroma. The serum itself is light, easily absorbed, your skin never feels greasy. I use it as an eye serum in the day, and all over my face in the evening. I wake up with glowing skin and overall my breakouts have minimized. I love this to the moon and back.
Reviewed by Moondancer
Moondancer bought "Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum 1 oz" on our website
09/06/2015 - 12:59:58 AM
I got rid of all my Serums after using this
I am a bit of a skin care hoarder. I like to try new things and especially serums. When I bought the Youth Infusion Serum it was going to be another to add to my collection. After a month of using this serum, my skin showed amazing results! My fine lines where less visible, my hyper pigmentation spots where fading, and my skin looked fuller, had a wonderful glow, and tighter. And when many others made wonderful comments on my skin I gave away all my other Serums. This is the best.
Reviewed by Elizabeth
Elizabeth bought "Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum 1 oz" on our website
02/05/2015 - 05:53:58 PM
The absolute BEST!
Smoothing this lovely serum onto my freshly cleansed skin in the evenings is truly a luxury. It hydrates and smooths my skin without irritating it or causing redness. It seems to gently exfoliate, also, so that along with twice weekly use of the Gentle Cream Exfoliant is all I need. You only need a few drops at a time so the bottle lasts a long time. The scent is a devine light rose that both myself and husband love!
Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum 1 oz
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"I found 'serum gold' in Celtic Complexion Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum. Seriously, you've heard of liquid gold - well, this is serum gold. This Youth Serum performs wonders on the lines and brown spots. My face looks less blotchy and less puffy in different areas. It looks and feels more even and smooth and the jowls seem less noticeable. I am really thrilled with the results I am seeing in the mirror!!"

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