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Price: $135.00


Mother's Little Helper Gift Set Kit

Price: $135
Value: $164

If you had the tough decision to purchase just three of our products to get the most visible results in the shortest amount of time, these would be the products you would choose. It doesn't get any better than this trifecta of age management. These three products contain the most potent and regenerative ingredients, for the face, eyes and neck. $135.00

If you've ever coveted these products, but have been reluctant because of the price, this is a great way to try them in a limited edition gift set. Note: These sizes are only offered as part of this gift set.

Youth Infusion High Potency Serum
.5 oz
Eye Elixir .35 oz
Celtic Jewel Moisturizer
.35 oz

This Gift Set contains:

Youth Infusion High Potency Serum .5 oz Roll-on 
"I found 'serum gold' in Celtic Complexion Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum. Seriously, you've heard of liquid gold - well, this is serum gold. This Youth Serum performs wonders on the lines and brown spots. My face looks less blotchy and less puffy in different areas. It looks and feels more even and smooth and the jowls seem less noticeable. I am really thrilled with the results I am seeing in the mirror!!" 

Eye Elixir .35 oz EWG VERIFIED™
"My under eye area is actually brighter since I started using this elixir! It not only plumps up the area but no more dark circles and even my fine lines are less noticeable. I highly recommend this product, not only because of how well it works on my skin but because its EWG certified. You can't find a more natural and beneficial product out there than this." (Review from our website)  

Celtic Jewel Moisturizer .35 oz Voted Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer by Kristen Arnett's Green Team
"I have spent thousands of dollars over decades on high-end skin care products, including those from La Prairie, Sisley, Sonya Dakar, Ultraluxe and many others. I had hoped and expected to see improvements in my skin but was always disappointed. I ultimately convinced myself that the best I could hope for was "maintenance" (no deterioration). I tried Celtic Jewel with the same expectation but with the added comfort that it was an organic, hand-made product by someone I trust. My expectations were shattered immediately! I saw rapid improvement in the lustre, tone, and feel of my skin! My oily skin became less oily. My pores are less visible. When I have a blemish, I apply CJ at night, and the next morning, the blemish virtually disappears. My foundation looks better. I use CJ morning and night. I now actually look forward to my morning and nightly beauty regimens (which I previously dreaded because they take too long). CJ is very light. There is no noticeable scent. It is hands down the best moisturizer I have ever used. My only fear is that I will run out of it!" Cindi (Review from our website)


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Mother's Little Helper
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