Celtic Forest Retreat

Celtic Forest Retreat


This is a solo retreat for women who want to disconnect from the hectic hustle and bustle of life, reconnect with themselves with guided support, and learn how to be the very best versions of themselves. If you have followed me for a while, you know how profoundly my own life changed when I put everything else on hold and put myself first. My entire physicality changed. I went from a size 18 to a size 8 (lost 48 lbs), and I feel like I look ten years younger (you be the judge, I've attached a side by side photo taken ten years apart).


Everything about my life is different now; the way I eat, deal with stress, even exercise...but those are just the superficial changes. The real changes are the ones on the inside; I gave myself permission to create space, created boundaries with those around me and changed how I show up in the world. Something else pretty amazing happened during my transformation: I found my little girl and started having Fun! By-the-way, it turns out my little girl Loves wearing tutus :)


Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, and the life balance thing can get very out of whack. In the process of growing my company, I forgot to have fun. I don't know about you, but the idea of taking a left at Albuquerque and making "lifestyle" changes that are "good for me" held about as much interest to me as getting a root canal. That's because I really couldn't relate to anyone on TV or any fitness guru, and... because I Love Champagne!


Does this sound familiar? I'm sure it does because I look around at my own friends, successful women who seem to "have it all" and they are struggling and they sure aren't having fun, and they are convinced that Botox and fillers are the key to looking ageless (they aren't).


Besides, who has time to learn a new routine or to give up everything you love?


I know, I know, I know... because I've thought that exact same thing myself.  With every new fad or book or magazine article telling you what to do to look younger, healthier, skinnier, along comes another one to contradict it.


You've probably never received guidance like I'm going to give you - but even if you soak up just 25% of what I'm going to teach you on this retreat - it will set you on an entirely new path.


A lot of the concepts I apply now I heard from others earlier in my life and I sort of filed it away into the part of my brain that says "yeah, that sounds nice but it won't work for me". The same thing when I see a heartfelt meme as I'm scrolling through my FB feed. I nod in agreement with the message and then get distracted with work or videos of Chihuahuas.


However, those seeds were getting planted somewhere in the back of my brain, because when I made a decision to change, and set my intention to be the healthiest and best version of myself - everything came together!


Once you make a decision to change your life, I can help you. You just have to want it, and be open to radically different ideas than what you've been taught.  What I mean by that is, your mind has to be in the right place to accept change and receive the message. That's is the part that I never "got" - I always thought it was about "being good", "depriving myself of what I loved" and "not having fun". Everything I now apply in my life, is the exact opposite of what I was taught or what my family did when I was growing up.


You have to be willing to leave your preconceived notions at the door of what you think you know about becoming healthy.


In other words: I don't want you to talk yourself out of the most profound and loving things you can do for yourself, which is creating health, vitality and beauty from the inside out. 


I'm going to teach you to become your own healthy fairy godmother (magic wand and all!), to tune out all that no longer serves you, and perhaps the most important thing, to love and accept yourself.


Which brings me to, "Why 5 days and why solo?"


Short answer: Rome Wasn't Built in a Day.


Many women in a group setting are intimidated or embarrassed to raise their hand and ask a question. Or, someone else in the retreat hogs all the time and makes it her personal psychology session (I've seen this happen more than once). My all-time pet peeve though is when the instructor is presenting an idea and asks a question, and then 20 women chime in, and the conversation ends up being about something totally unrelated to the topic.


Anything shorter, and you won't give yourself enough time to unplug. It takes a couple of days to get out of work mode, mommy mode or care taker mode, and to allow yourself the time to slow down and be nurtured. Simply put, a weekend is not enough time to undo decade’s worth of programming.


When was the last time you pressed pause? When was the last time you felt deeply rested? When was the last time you allowed yourself the space to really gain clarity and momentum about your life? I am going to give you a guide to work with, and support you along the way, but your innate wisdom will show you the best way to incorporate a transformation.


Half the battle is allowing yourself this time without feeling guilty about being away, or spending money on yourself. Speaking of money, you may wonder how much this E-Ticket to Fantasyland is going to cost you.


Money is the energy of commitment. Money is how we invest in our own results through a service. When there is financial investment, there is higher commitment.

I know this for a fact because all of the classes and workshops that were free to me are still unopened in a file somewhere on my desktop. But when I've had to lay out hard-earned cash, I sat up straight, took notes, did my homework and applied the material, which is exactly what I want you to do. I don't want the material in this retreat to end up being a well-intentioned Facebook meme, soon to be forgotten and never applied.

Before you apply for that zero interest credit card,  take a look-see of what you will be experiencing during your time at the retreat:


You will be staying in my sweet little vintage 1972 Shasta Compact travel trailer, which has been completely restored and now resembles a swanky hotel suite, complete with luxury linens, an ice cold air conditioner, and black outcurtains, perfect for sleeping in late.

It also has a king sized bed and crystal sconces.. Yes! Not plastic, but crystal (I won't tell you how many crystal pieces were casualties when I went glamping last summer, but lets just say I prefer style over practicality). The mini fridge is the perfect size to keep all of your raw green juices cold (but I will serve them to you in a Champagne bucket if you want).

The bathroom. What bathroom? it's a travel trailer I said. You will have 24 hour access to the bathroom in the main house, which is just a few feet away from the trailer (but can feel like miles away when you're detoxing..KIDDING!!). It comes stocked with Poo-Pouri and wet wipes, so we can "forget" the reason why you are in the house - *wink*.

The large patio is worthy of nothing less than an Airbnb homepage feature shot and you would be hard pressed to find anything more magical on Pinterest. I know this because I spend 30 days on a road trip with nothing better to do than to scroll Pinterest to find the most exquisite outdoor ambiance. I mean I REALLY got into it as if My Life Depended On It. I imagined that I was on a Pinterest DIY show and I was determined to win the Showcase Showdown!

Think outdoor claw foot tub, hanging chandeliers from the trees, umbrella misters, fireplace, boho style furniture that could EASILY pass for a Coachella installation, outdoor wireless speakers to play the 'Chill' station and a 15 foot high white Victorian gazebo! I even have three dozen or so maxi dresses if you *really* want to get into it. Oh, and enough fairy lights to land a small aircraft in our yard.

But wait, there's more! I even have a swinging egg chair from Pier One! I swear, you are Never going to want to lounge Anywhere else on the patio - but hey, if you do, I have a lounge hammock with a canopy over it AND I have one of those tennis racket bug zappers, so you can look like Zelda Fitzgerald while eliminating pests. But you probably won't see many of those because we have tiki torches surrounding the patio burning citronella oil which bugs hate. How many tiki torches you ask? Think Survivor Island on the night someone gets voted off.

Finally, we have Bliss Lights. If you've ever watched a QVC garden show in March, you know what Bliss Lights are. These aren't the cheapo kind from Walgreen's, these are the ones Disney uses along the Main Street Electrical Parade. The ones that require the Easy Pay option.


We will share breakfast together on the patio which will consist of avocado toast, fresh fruit, tea or coffee. You will get 5 organic/non gmo juices each day from the veggies I pick in my garden. Just kidding, I have a Costco membership and their organic selection is fabulous, perfect for juicing. If you're lucky, Mr. Celtic Complexion will share some recipes with you. If you make it to the dinner hour, you will enjoy a fresh green garden salad with homemade dressing. After dinner, we will retire to the outdoor theater for movie night!


This is where the frequent flyer points really add up...

Unlimited access to all of the toys in my anti-aging gym. I’ve done a lot of research, and these activities are the most advanced for promoting cellular rejuvenation, detoxification and anti-aging. Heck, you could spend all day in there, and still not experience everything.

If you were to add up these services, you would expect to pay $240 per day to enjoy all of them. I Googled spas in my area that offered them to get the average price per session and I put that price in parenthesis so you can get an idea.

Far Infrared Sauna ($65)

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal & stay healthy. Far infrared sauna benefits the body by heating it directly causing a rise in core temperature resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside.

The near infrared wavelength (sometimes referred to as Red Light Therapy) is the most effective wavelength for healing the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Near infrared treatments stimulate collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone.

Near infrared therapy stimulates the circulatory system and more fully oxygenate the body’s cells. Better blood circulation means more toxins flow from the cellular level to the skin’s surface to improve cell health, aid in muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system.

Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat that promotes relaxation and improved sleep. Infrared sauna benefits include therapy that helps you relax while receiving an invigorating deep tissue sweat, leaving you fully refreshed after each session.

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal & stay healthy. Far infrared sauna benefits the body by heating it directly causing a rise in core temperature resulting in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside.

Bio-mat sessions ($30) The Amethyst BioMat is the only mat of its kind. It is a unique innovation in biotechnology containing 17 different layers and more than 28lbs of amethyst crystals, which naturally produce and are superconductors of Far Infrared Rays. Designed by NASA engineers, scientists and medical engineers, the BioMat combines three properties: Far Infrared, Negative Ions, and Amethyst Therapies, for a true mind, body, and spiritual healing experience.

Pilates reformer machine ($50 for a private class) Reformer Pilates is superior to mat based Pilates as the repertoire of exercises available is greatly increased providing far more variety. The exercises usually work muscles through a large range of motion which is ideal for building and toning muscles as well increasing stability through the joints.

Whole Body Vibration Machine ($35) A WBV machine uses this controlled motion, or vibration, to induce beneficial muscular activation while stimulating other helpful physiological changes throughout the body. The rapid motion of the machine’s platform causes body tissues to respond to the increased stimulus in several positive ways: Blood flow increases significantly, pumping more health-building oxygen throughout the body to support vital physiological processes. Lymphatic drainage improves, promoting tissue and organ system detoxification. The skeletal system receives a vigorous workout that contributes to increased bone mineral density – often bringing more dramatic bone-strengthening results than conventional weight-bearing exercise.

The room also has a dvd player with my favorite shake-your-money-maker exercise dvds; belly dancing, stretching, yoga, ab core and Zumba ($20)

I have a portable dvd player that can be used outdoors to play the dvds if you prefer to exercise outside. In addition to the advanced toys, I also have hand weights, yoga mats, and an exercise ball.

Outside (weather permitting), we are going to hula hoop (don't worry if you don't know how, it's like riding a bike...if you know how to ride a bike). This is the fastest way to melting inches around your waist. Don't worry, we'll start slow and by the end of the week, you will be a master at it, showing off to the neighborhood kids when you get back home.

My secret weapon of choice are the Kangoo Jumps...if you don't break your neck or a leg using them, you will have the most fun in your entire life. They look like roller blade boots with springs on the bottom and you hop around in them, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (Don’t forget to pack the sports bra, ladies!). The springs remove 80% of the impact on your joints. We will have a Kangoo Jump dance party every day (I even created a Kangoo Dance Party Mix playlist to be all "official"). But if you get too tired and can't jump around for 90 minutes, we can always just lay in the hammock and reminisce about when we were young and danced to the music. We will also take a daily walk in a beautiful park - that is if you still have the energy.

The best part is that you don't have to keep up with some 110lb twenty year old fitness instructor. I can easily slip into the living room and watch Dr. Phil while you "work out" on your own (aka read your email) and I will look the other way. It's not like you're trying to get on Team USA Kangoo Jump Olympic Team.

That was just the physical portion of the retreat.

The daily fun activities where the real change happens, is all about creating that vision of yourself you truly want, getting excited about the "new you" and helping you get out of your own way.

Then we are going to do some rituals to help you release negative beliefs you may have about yourself to allow the New You to emerge. Diana Ross's I'm Coming Out will be playing softly in the background (If you are too young to catch that musical reference, I will cue up Destiny's Child Independent Woman) as we do this, and you will walk the makeshift runway (which is really just the hallway to the bathroom, but Hey! you already knew that! *wink*).

Enjoy meditating in our private forest and get the benefits of forest bathing. There's a growing body of evidence that the practice can help boost immunity and mood and help reduce stress. "Medical researchers in Japan have studied forest bathing and have demonstrated several benefits to our health," says Philip Barr, a physician who specializes in integrative medicine at Duke University.

One study published in 2011 compared the effects of walking in the city to taking a forest walk. Both activities required the same amount of physical activity, but researchers found that the forest environment led to more significant reductions in blood pressure and certain stress hormones.

You will also learn about the best products/supplements and trusted resources to help you with #operationbenjaminbutton #operationtenyearsyounger . I’ll show you how to detoxify your home so you can continue your health journey at home.

Most importantly, you will learn how to avoid the hidden dangers that accelerate aging, and No, I'm not referring to teenagers.

So, what's all that worth to you?

Here's a little secret for you about the retreat business:

Money is made by either volume (have a large number of people at a retreat at a lower price, but make money on the back end (they tell you Just enough to pique your interest, then sell you the book/product/program to get the answers you are looking for).


Charge an enormous fee (tens of thousands of dollars) for an all access pass to the retreat leader in a small master mind group.

Here's the thing, all kidding aside. You won't get anything like I've created, because it doesn't exist. I know what works because I've done it myself. I've talked the talk and walked the walk. In fact, I was just on Prevention Magazine's website yesterday in an article about women over 40 who've lost 40 or more pounds and kept it off. You can read it by clicking here

This isn't about weight loss (although if you follow my plan, you will lose weight), it's about becoming your own health guru once you get the tools and information you need. It's like getting the key to vitality and discovering the fountain-of-youth.

I have no hidden agenda, promote no affiliate links or sell anything other than my skincare, and chances are you are already a customer of mine if your reading this. So you will be getting all the knowledge and answers you are seeking during your stay.

I'm not looking to connect to thousands of people at once. I want to work with a few women who are ready to make changes in their lives, and who trust me to put them on the right path.

These days, I am very clear about doing what makes me happy and spending my time with women who are a good fit. If you believe that's you - then I invite you to make the best investment of your life.

The investment for Celtic Forest Retreat Fall 2017 is $1495. This includes everything I've listed here, but not airfare to our retreat in Raleigh, North Carolina. We only have six retreats planned for 2017.

In September: 11-15th, 18th-22nd, 25th-29th.

In October: 2nd-6th, 9th-13th, 23rd-27th.

Non refundable deposit of $500 is due when booking to reserve your desired date. Second payment (of $497.50) will be due in fifteen days and final payment (of $497.50) will be due (7) days prior to your retreat.

Early Bird Pricing is $1295 if non refundable deposit ($500) is received by Friday, August 19th at midnight EST. Second payment (of $397.50) will be due in fifteen days, and final payment (of $397.50) is due (7) days prior to your retreat. If your retreat date falls within fifteen days of deposit, total balance (of $795) will be due (7) days prior to your retreat.

As a special incentive, the first three people who book (and whose deposit is received) will get a full size Celtic Jewel ($295 value),

Retreats will resume again in April 2018.

Please note: Price of retreat will increase to $1795 in 2018 as we build out the site. You may book now at 2017 prices for Spring 2018 dates.

Dates are first come first serve basis, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions. If you are ready to book your retreat, you can send the deposit ($500) via Paypal to jennifer@celticcomplexion.com

Once the deposit is received, I will contact you with a contract and registration sheet, and we will schedule a conference call to go over the details of your arrival. Try to arrive in the morning (before noon) of the first day of your retreat and depart after 3 on the last day of your retreat. Complimentary transportation to and from the airport can be arranged with us.

Thanks for your interest in the retreat - I hope we get the opportunity to work together!