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What This Program Is:
   You will learn how to tune in to the frequency of joy, and completely fall in love with yourself so that everything you do is an act of love. You will discover a mind-body action plan which will enable you to make permanent changes in your behavior and lifestyle resulting in a healthy body.

   The program consists of 8 lessons delivered by video (each video is approximately 20-30 minutes in duration), along with a funwork (fun+homework) sheet for each lesson. A secret Facebook page (which I will be personally moderating) where we will post and share the lessons. If you do not have a Facebook profile, the lessons will be emailed to you.

   How quickly you can make positive changes in your body depend on you, what your goals are and how closely you apply the lessons. Be ready, willing and able to change your mindset, and you will be surprised how quickly your body responds.

What This Program Isn't:
   This isn't a diet, guided raw juice fast or recipe swapping program.
I will introduce you to juicing because it's probably one of the best things you can do for your health. I will also share resources with you to get a great deal on a juicer and how to get started on a juice fast and be successful at it (if that is your goal). Outside the cost of the program, you will be responsible to purchase some supplies for the funwork (journal, keepsake box, movie rentals, etc.)

Your Investment:

   The price of the program is $99, about the price for a nice dinner out for two. Much more important and valuable to your success than the cost of the program is your timeinvestment. In order to get the best out of this program, you need to make a commitment to participate in the program. If you are just going to watch a video and not take action, you're probably not ready - and that's OK, because I'll be here when you ARE ready.


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A Glamper's Guide Coaching Program
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