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Celtic Woman Skin Problems

Rosacea; The Biggest Skin Problem of the Celtic Woman

The iconic Celtic woman is blessed with  smooth, fair, beautiful skin that is enviable, but  your skin could have skin challenges of its own.

As a typical Celtic woman with the usual delicate skin, there is a huge chance that you are prone to the “Curse of the Celts”, more commonly known as rosacea.

 Jennifer Waller, Founder of Celtic Complexion , celtic woman

Jennifer Waller, Founder of Celtic Complexion

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that causes acute redness and skin irritation, and it is regarded as one of the major challenges every Celtic woman has to battle. Over 16 million individuals in America have been diagnosed with this skin disease, so if you have sensed some symptoms of rosacea, do not fret, you aren’t alone.

Causes of rosacea

The causes of rosacea are largely unknown, some people believe it is caused by spicy food, alcohol and weather changes. On the other hand, many have agreed that it has something to do with reaction to the sun, delicateness of the skin of Celtic women, and ancestral connection (because people from Ireland and the Celtic region as a whole commonly suffer from this).

Scientifically, recent studies in Finland have related rosacea with underlying systemic low-grade inflammation. This inflammation is a complex biological response to harmful stimulants which may lead to rosacea and consequent swelling, heat, pain, and blotches.

How to know if its rosacea or something else?

Rosacea could be easily mistaken for rosy cheeks, sunburn or the common acne. This skin problem is believed to be more frequent among Celtic women because of their light, delicate and fair skin. It is characterized by redness, the growth of red bumps on the face like pimples and rashes.

At first, it may start with few red spots on the face and in order to determine if you have rosacea or just some skin irritation, you need to watch out for how it feels; rosacea is often itchy and it stings slightly; also, with time, it often flattens into skin and leaves red discoloration on the face.

Severe rosacea if left untreated can lead to superficial dilated blood vessels (making them visible) and ultimately rhinophyma (a condition causing development of a bulbous, large and ruddy nose).

Is it contagious?

Medical experts have confirmed that rosacea is not contagious, and cannot be incurred by mere physical contact; so do not worry about passing it on to those close to you. Albeit this, you need to still pay attention to this skin problem and treat it as earliest as possible to prevent it from escalating into rhinophyma.

If you are having challenges with rosacea as a Celtic woman, this blog is full of useful tips you can use, as well as product recommendations that are best to control rosacea, and habits to avoid.

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Makeup Warning


Back in my Beauty Director days, it wasn’t uncommon for me to spend hours reading/playing/obsessing about the latest makeup trends, after all, that was my job. Looking back though, I never spent a lot of time researching the actual ingredients, just the “look” (how to perfect it, apply it and sell it).

Silly me.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that I made 21 videos for our website, and in a panic the day before, I realized that I needed a bit more makeup than I currently use to get “camera ready”. I slipped down to my local Sephora store and purchased a contour & highlighter kit and some industrial strength concealer for under the eyes. They both were brands I have used in the past, so I was familiar with their performance, although I hadn’t actually used them in over ten years.

They went on just as I remembered, and did the trick. Mission accomplished. Or so I thought.     Throughout the day, I touched up my skin as per the normal makeup artist duties when on set.

About mid day, I got the distinct feeling of “I want to take this stuff off NOW!” but reminded myself, “It’s just one day.”

At about 11 p.m. I was finally able to remove it all off and I was shocked to discover that my skin had little red bumps everywhere I had applied the commercial makeup. I was experiencing a full blown rosacea flare up. The over all tone of my skin was red and it felt hot.

I hadn’t seen my skin that red for years, and it I was really surprised at how much it was reacting to conventional makeup. I think because I’ve had it under control for so long, that I thought it disappeared. Nope. It not only showed up, but with a vengeance!

I removed my makeup slowly with my cleanser with lukewarm water and applied Calming Serum to my face. It took almost four days for all of the damage to correct itself but it was a strong reminder that the junk in commercial products is a HUGE irritant to the skin, especially if you have a condition such as rosacea or acne.

I mention this because a lot of people will invest in great natural skincare products, but not on their makeup, and then end up confused about why the skincare isn’t doing the job.

If you are using Celtic Complexion or any other great natural product and aren’t seeing the results you want, it may be as simple as looking in your makeup bag and making some changes.




The Most Embarrassing Time in My Life

I often peruse my FB feed for interesting stories, and this morning was no different .

Before we started making green juice and chili (yes, the two can be mutually interchangeable) for the 4th of July festivities,  a story popped up a few times, which was my cue to read it.

It was painful to watch, but yet I strangely related to it, not because I’ve ever been bullied, but because for most of my twenties, I wouldn’t be caught dead without makeup. Not because I LOVED makeup, but because I had rosacea so bad, I wouldn’t walk out the door without covering it up.

This is a very important video to watch, here is the link. Go ahead and watch it and come back: