Artisan Show

Thank you for your interest in Celtic Complexion!  I'm so glad you came over to learn more about us.

Here is more information about the products I talked about on the show:

Calming Serum.  It is available in a full size, just click here to be taken to the page.  It is also availble in the Acne Rosacea kit, click here to be taken to that page.  Or, it is availble in the Love Your Skin Travel Kit, click here to be taken to that page.  I would suggest that you read about it first on the full size page, and then click over to the kits page if you want to try it in a kit.

Celtic Jewel, our award winning anti-aging moisturizer.  It is availble in the full size by clicking here, and the limited edition size by clicking here.

Organic Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin (Lotion) is available by clicking here.

The new sunscreen I spoke about, Organic Sunscreen Face Stick, which will be shipping on May 1st is available by clicking here.

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