About Us

About Celtic Complexion
   A warm hello to you... I am Jennifer Devlin Waller, Master Esthetician, and founder of Celtic Complexion.

   I have suffered from rosacea since my early 20’s. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease which affects 16 million people, mostly of Irish, English and Scottish descent. In fact, it inspired me to become a professional makeup artist so that I could skillfully conceal this embarrassing condition.

   I spent over ten years working behind the counter in the retail cosmetic industry, and had access to the most expensive skin care products on the market, but nothing significantly helped my condition. In fact, over time it got worse, products just seemed to make me more sensitive.

   I had thousands of dollars’ worth of products lining my bathroom shelves but nothing worked. I eventually met a holistic esthetician who helped educate me about how to treat my rosacea without chemicals, drugs, or peels and after taking her advice, my flare-ups reduced by about 90%. Her advice went against everything I was taught but I couldn’t deny the results.

   Her natural approach to skin care opened my eyes, so I started studying everything I could about alternative therapies, nutrition and aromatherapy. What I found inspired me to become an esthetician myself, and I have dedicated the past 12 years to helping others treat their skin. How much have you spent on skin care that didn’t work, or live up to their promises? Do you also have a graveyard of products that promised to help, but fell short of results? Have you spent hundreds, even thousands of dollars of products that never live up to their hype?

   One of the biggest misconceptions about organic skin care is that it isn’t as effective as a cosmeceutical; quite the opposite! It’s the difference between having fast food and a home cooked meal from mom; skin can tell the difference!

   In the advertising arena, I can’t compete with large brand-name corporations, but on results I would put my products toe-to- toe with any brand out there and feel comfortable my products would exceed customer expectations. People are conditioned to buy what they see most often, and assume because something is heavily advertised, it must be the best. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

   Each Celtic Complexion product is hand-made with love, integrity, intention, and is sent to you with a little affirmation that it delivers all the results I promise. It’s not just my name on the label; it’s my integrity in the jar!

About Us…
   Celtic Complexion is a family-owned company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. My husband, Steve (also known as Mr. Celtic Complexion) and I were high school sweethearts but broke up shortly after he graduated in 1985. Fast forward almost 30 years and we reconnected on Facebook and three years after that we were married.

   One of the first things he asked me upon reconnecting was “What are you doing these days?”. I told him I had launched my own skincare company and he said he remembered me telling him that dream when I was 16, so he knew it would be a success.

   So, we are partners in life and in business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!